Google removing NPAPI support from Chrome in April 2015 - affects Java based web applets / plugins

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[13 March 2015]

Google announced that it will remove support for plugins that use the older NPAPI technology from its Chrome web browser by September 2015.

This change has started and the recent version of Chrome on University computers has the change applied (Chrome version 42).

Plugins that we support that are affected are Java, QuickTime and Shockwave. Flash is not affected.

Java based web applets will no longer work in Chrome. Other plugins which also use NPAPI will also stop working. This includes the Acrobat Reader plugin.

This will prevent access to the following University provided web services using the Chrome web browser:

  • EditOnPro for Zope and Plone website editing (Please note this does not affect T4 editing in Chrome).
  • In Blackboard the drag-and-drop multiple file upload system for Course Files and the Content Collection uses the Java plugin, and may stop working when these changes come into effect. 
  • Oracle Applications (PIMS and Standard Jobs)

Other popular products which will be affected:

  • Silverlight (affecting services such as Panopto)
  • Facebook Video
  • Google Talk
  • Google Earth

From April staff are advised to use IE on Windows or the Safari browser on Macs to access these services. From then we will only support those services with IE on Windows or the Safari browser on Macs.

Chrome web site documentation:

Response from Oracle concerning Java: