Tip - new staff username and password desktop process


[10 February 2015]

One frustration for new staff starting at the University is the process of obtaining a username and password, in particular going to the IT Service Desk to collect it. So, here are a few tips to set a new staff member up from their desk.

  1. Ensure that the new staff member's details are entered in the staff database (PIMS) at least two working days before they arrive for their first day. Make sure that their personal email and mobile number is accurately recorded in PIMS.
  2. Provide the new staff member with their username on arrival. The easiest way to find this is in the Contact Directory, where the username is used as part of the default email address shown eg. username@bristol.ac.uk
  3. With the username and personal email and mobile number new staff can generate a password using the password reset tool.
  4. If desired new staff members can also change their default email address to something a little more comprehensible such as forename.surname@bristol.ac.uk

For future reference see information for new staff on the IT Services website.