Update on MyFiles access and data centre issues


[18 September 2015]

Update 18th September, 15:40: The work scheduled today has been completed without interruption to services. The MyFiles service is now stable and performing as normal. We are continuing to monitor the data centre network.

Update 18th September, 11:40: The MyFiles service is currently stable and performance has improved but there are underlying network issues that need to be addressed.

In order to fix the problems we will be carrying out further work today in order to ensure that the data centre network is in the best possible state for the start of term.

While every step has been taken to avoid disruption to services there is a low risk of short interruptions to University services while this work takes place.  We are conscious that we need to be in the best possible position before arrival of the intake of students. 

Update 17th September, 18:00: Work is taking place overnight to improve the situation further. This has required the service for a portion of users to be taken offline while the work is carried out, so some users currently have no access to MyFiles. Access should be restored later this evening

Update 16th September, 17:30: The source of the network issue has been found. A change has been made which has enabled a much improved situation for most users. Work towards full resolution is continuing.

Update 16th September, 14:45: Work is still ongoing with the network configuration.

We would advise those who have lost sight of icons or files from their desktop to use the F5 key to refresh screens.

Update 16th September, 12:00: Work is still continuing to improve the performance of  the MyFiles service stable for those staff affected (improving access to MyFiles - including visibility of files, login times, and desktop performance).

Update 16th September, 08:00: MyFiles has been stable overnight but additional work is needed to ensure the service is fully stable with the new network connections. Work will be taking place from 8am to do this.  We may see a repeat of the issues yesterday while the work takes place but we hope that the service will be back to normal as soon as possible.

We have seen ongoing issues with network connections to the MyFiles service throughout the day. This has affected approximately 20% of staff and research postgraduates on particular MyFiles volumes. Other staff and students have not been affected.

The issues arose following scheduled network maintenance work in the data centre between 8am and 9am this morning, Tuesday 15th September. The work was not expected to impact any services although a risk of such an incident is always possible when conducting maintenance on infrastructure.

During the day efforts have been made to stabilise the service and to recover the connections lost as a result of this morning’s maintenance. This has resulted in a number of instances where staff have been unable to access their MyFiles service, or found access extremely slow. Other staff have encountered problems with slow logons to computers or have been unable to see desktop icons.

No data has been lost as a result of the issues today but some users may find that they temporarily cannot access files.

IT Services are continuing to work on restoring access and stabilising the service. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.