At risk notification for 24th June - Data Centre move


[24 June 2015]

On 24th & 25th June significant work is taking place to move equipment from the Second Data Centre in MVB.

This work is needed to meet the requirements of a feasibility study conducted as part of the Data Centre strategy to consolidate services in an alternative location as well as to improve the facility in MVB and provide additional space to house other IT services.

Moving a significant element of the IT infrastructure is a complex process. Every effort has been made to ensure any live services remain unaffected by this move, although the work will impact on the resilience of services.

Due to complex dependencies it is possible that some services may be affected, however, we hope that we have taken action to avoid this where possible. 

Potentially affected services

We are aware that some computers in Engineering, Chemistry and Medical School have connections to a VLAN Management Policy Server (VMPS) based in the MVB Data Centre.  Those computers use this server at startup to establish a connection to the network. That server will be shut down at 10am, hopefully after staff have logged in.  Once connected to the network those computers will perform normally.  We would therefore advise staff in Engineering, Chemistry and Medical School to ensure they are logged in before 10am on 24th June and not to restart their computers during the day. The server should be available for the following day.

We hope that our work will avoid any disruption on the day but if you do encounter any issues please contact the IT Service Desk.