Departmental filestore H drive / mis-app1 will be unavailable overnight on 4th January 2016


[10 December 2015]

Work will be taking place to move the filestore H drive / mis-app1 on to a new resilient platform.

To do this a copy will be made of the filestore over Christmas and then synced just before it is moved. To ensure a full and correct copy of the files is moved across the filestore will be unavailable when the final sync takes place at 7pm on 4th January until the move is complete by 9.00am on 5th January.

We are advising that changes to files should be avoided from 3rd January.

The following filestores which will be unavailable from 7.00pm on 4th January until 9.00am on 5th January include:

  • \\\filestore\misappusers (sometimes called the H drive or mis-app1\users)
  • edsu
  • homedata
  • Pro_picture_library
  • sys (PRO office)
  • vol1

All connections should be in place once the work is complete on 5th January.  If you notice any problems a reboot of your computer should fix it, but please contact the IT Service Desk if that fails to resolve the problem.