IT Research team joins Advanced Computing Research Centre


[07 December 2015]

The Research IT team, led by Dr Simon Price, became part of the Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC) on the 1st November 2015.

A fundamental reason for incorporating Research IT into the ACRC is to improve services to researchers. Together, the extended ACRC will provide a single source for researchers and students when seeking expertise and advice on:

  • HPC
  • Research data storage and management
  • Data science
  • Computational software engineering and other forms of research computing.

It will also help to steer IT Services to meet the new challenges that face everyone in research-intensive institutions, such as ‘Big Data’, research data management and exascale simulation.

The ACRC will continue to work very closely with the rest of IT Services, with ACRC acting as a ‘design authority’ for some research solutions but the actual implementation and support would be done in consultation and partnership with local IT zonal support and other teams.

Changes will not happen overnight but rather evolve over time, not least as we build capacity and expertise across IT Services. Also, some of what is currently done by Research IT is likely to change in due course in order to respond to new University research initiatives and themes, such as the proposed Bristol Institute for Data Intensive Research (BIDIR).