Google calendar - name fix


[01 October 2015]

Since the introduction of Google Calendar invitees to meetings and calendars have been displayed using their rather than the clear ‘Forename Surname’ view.

Recently Google introduced new configuration options which means we are able to use account profiles to populate calendar entries as opposed to the current method of using the global contacts list. Essentially, we can display names rather than usernames.

This means you can easily see who has been invited to a meeting and can search and view other staff calendars more easily. 

In addition, this change will also apply across other Google apps including Gmail, Drive and Calendar.

When will this happen?

The change will be applied over the weekend of 30th October. The aim will be that staff will see names in new calendar events created from Monday 2 November, and most existing events should be fixed automatically the next time you log in to Calendar.

What will happen over the weekend of 30th?

Starting on Friday 30th October we will be updating the global contacts list to remove staff and will turn on profile sharing.

Things to note

  • Over the weekend of the 30th October more than one entry may appear for an individual in autocomplete results, until the global contact list is cleansed.  Any (relevant) result can be selected.
  • The work will not affect any personal contacts you may have stored in Google contacts.
  • Identified staff with role based accounts in Google will maintain those contacts eg.
  • The work will not affect any personal calendar setting such as calendar names.
  • Some existing / recurring events may not be updated.