Eduroam service now restored


[14 April 2015]

For most Eduroam users wireless was unavailable from 9am until 1.45pm today.

The problem was investigated and work has now been carried out to resolve the issue. We have restored the service such that all wireless users can now connect.

We are continuing to monitor the service carefully and further work will take place to ensure the service is operating normally.

IT Services apologises for the problem and inconvenience you may have experienced.

Since this morning the eduroam wireless service has not been working for the majority of users.

Currently eduroam is only available for people in a few locations or with particular devices.

Work has been ongoing to identify the problem. In an attempt to resolve it we plan to restart hardware providing the eduroam service at some point soon after 1.30pm. This will mean an interruption to the wireless service of approximately an hour for the small number for whom it is currently working but will hopefully restore the service to all.

After the restart we will be monitoring the service carefully and take further actions if required.

IT Services apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced.