IT Services supports new multi-national Ebola study published in Nature

[19 June 2015]

BluecrystalBristol’s Supercomputer, Blue Crystal, has been used as part of a multi-national Ebola study published in Nature.

Blue Crystal was used to analyse raw data on the Ebola virus in 179 patient blood samples to determine the precise genetic make-up of the virus in each case.

The Bristol team greatly benefited from the Advanced Computing Research Centre and Research IT at Bristol who co-ordinated and developed the analysis on BlueCrystal.  This complex data analysis process took around 560 days of supercomputer processing time, generating nine thousand billion letters of genetic data before reaching the virus’s 18,000 letters long genetic sequence for all 179 blood samples.

Two IT Services' staff, Damian Steer (Research IT) and Callum Wright (ACRC), are named co-authors on this Nature paper.

For more information on the research project see the news item at: