Brief interruption to departmental filestores, 8.00pm on Thursday 19th February


[17 February 2015]

On the weekend a controller on the central Departmental Filestore malfunctioned and fell over to the available backup controller. We now need to recover back to the original controller and free up the backup.

We plan to do this work at 8.00pm on Thursday 19th February.

At that time many central Departmental Filestores starting \\\Filestore\ will be unavailable for 10 minutes.

If staff are working on documents on the central Departmental Filestore on Thursday evening the advice is to ensure that work is saved before 8.00pm.

Where possible we are listing named filestores affected on this news item, but please note this is not a complete list and all central Departmental Filestores should be considered at risk.

Please note that no data will, or has been, affected by these events. 

Below is a list of named filestore we have been able to identify so far.

  • Alumni
  • Arts faculty\ARTS1
  • Arts faculty\ArtsTeaching
  • Arts faculty\Deaf
  • ASSL
  • Campaigns and Alumni
  • CivilEng
  • COSC
  • Disability Services
  • EarthSciences
  • Engineering\Mech
  • Engineering\Mech2
  • Estates\Bursars_Office
  • Estates\CapitalProjects
  • Estates\Information
  • Estates\Langford_Services
  • Estates\NewProperty
  • Estates\Property
  • FinApps
  • GradSchool
  • Home_Use_Software
  • Law\Lawd
  • Law-isend
  • MECH2
  • NSQI
  • Print Services
  • SAFE
  • SAFS
  • Social and Community Medicine
  • Special_Collections
  • SPOL
  • Students' Union
  • SW_DocTrainingCenter
  • EFIM

IT Services apologises for any inconvenince this work may cause. If you have any issues concerning this work please contact the IT Service Desk.