Dell products now available to order and Personal Purchase scheme

Laptop 1

[27 January 2015]

As previously announced Dell has been appointed as the main University supplier of desktops, laptops and tablets. Dell offered clear advantages in terms of price, product range and support. In particular, Dell's advantage in logistics and range of delivery options was very attractive.

Details of the recommended Dell products are now available from our Buying IT Equipment web pages.

Dell offer a range of products to meet the varied needs of University staff.

Please note that we still have some remaining stock of Viglin computers. We will supply either the Dell model selected or its nearest Viglen equivalent while limited stocks remain.

Personal Purchase scheme

Staff and students at the University have access to the Dell VIP Club. The key benefit of the VIP Club Programme is a 10% discount off all Dell consumer products (including Tablets).

For information on how to access the Dell VIP Club visit the Personal Purchase scheme web page.