Advice for staff prior to teaching and a reminder of student IT facilities


[10 August 2015]

We thought it would be useful to highlight a few IT related things that staff should be aware of when planning courses and welcoming new students this Autumn.
  • Remember to check that the computer lab you want to use is big enough for the number of students you will be teaching in a session.
  • If you are using specialist software then check with your zonal team whether it is installed in those labs, where else students can use it and whether there enough licences.
  • It may be useful to know where nearby study spaces are situated, so that you can direct your students to them. See the Study Spaces website for details.
  • The Student Laptop and Mobile Clinic exists to help students connect to our services, including wifi. It can assist with software installs, if students have licenses or the software is free.
  • Some University licensed software is available for students to download and install on personal computers. Microsoft Office is free for students to install on personal devices.
  • From September, new undergraduates can upload and store documents to their University Microsoft OneDrive space and access it from anywhere.
  • Students can print from their own laptops to University printers.
  • Information Security is as relevant to students as it is to staff.
  • The Student Guide to IT services is available in PDF format for you to flick through, to make yourself aware of services which your students might find useful.