Zope maintenance work complete

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[13 April 2015]

Update 11:00, 16 April: We are please to announce that the production service of Zope is now back. Please ensure any amends made from 5pm on Monday. 13th April are redone if required.

Update 17:00, 15 April: Unfortunately we have been unable to bring the service back. Work will continue tomorrow and we hope the service will be available on 16 April.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Update 14:00, 15 April: Due to complications the work has not been completed.  We hope to have the service back by 4.00pm today.

Update 11:30, 14 April: The emergency repair work has identified a problem which requires an engineer to be called in.  This means that we will remain on the backup Zope service until 1.00pm on Wednesday 15th April until the work is complete.

Please note that while we are on the backup service any edits to website content will be lost when the production service is restored.

Please inform all editors that edits should be avoided if possible during this period unitl the work is complete. If changes are made that will need to be applied again once the production service is back.

IT Services apologises for the inconvenience this may cause.

Emergency repair work is needed on the hardware that supports the University's Zope service, and it will be necessary to switch to the backup Zope service between 5.00pm on Monday 13th April and 11.30am on Tuesday 14th April while this work is carried out. Please advise your website editors that changes should not be made during this period, as they will be lost when the production service is restored.