Restricted access to authenticated email submission from 31 March

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[23 February 2015]

As part of the ongoing process of decommissioning the University's legacy email systems we will be restricting access to the authenticated email submission service on 31st March 2015.

Who will this affect?

This will affect you if you have configured an email client on a home computer, laptop or mobile device to connect to rather than may have done this because you have not updated your email client settings since the move to Gmail in March 2013.

What happens if I don't make the change?

When the change is made on 31st March and you are still configured to use you will be unable to:

  • Send emails from devices that are considered to be “off site” (even if they are physically on site, but using the VPN or wireless network).

Please note: we will be emailing anyone who uses the authenticated service during March, so those affected will be directly contacted.

Who is not affected by this change?

Please note that this change will not affect you if you:

  • Use the web version of Gmail.

  • Use a client on your home PC or laptop and have simply configured it for a Google service.

  • Use an email app on a mobile device and have simply linked to your UoB Google account as a Google service.

  • Use an email client on your wok desktop computer which is connected to the University network.

  • Are already configured to connect to

How do I change my settings?

If you are using the authenticated route for an email clients on any device which is used off the University network, including via wireless or VPN, you will need to re-configure those settings before the 31st March.

To configure your home PCs, laptops or mobile devices to connect to rather than follow your email client’s configuration instructions to use the settings detailed at:

Further instructions for mobile applications can be found at

If you use your University email to send emails using another address

Please note that if you have a requirement to send emails using something other than your University Gmail address, you will first need to configure this as an alternative identity. You can do this by following the "I'm a Gmail or Google Apps user sending from an external address" instructions at:

You will need to have access to the inbox of the address used, in order to be able to respond to a verification email.

If you have any questions about this change please contact the IT Service Desk.