Microsoft Windows XP, support ends 8 April

Laptop with padlock

[31 March 2014]

From 8 April Microsoft will cease support for their XP operating system and will no longer provide security updates or bug fixes.

Due to the security risks this creates our aim is to avoid having XP devices on our network after the April deadline as they will be vulnerable to malware attacks.

Over the last 18 months considerable work has taken place, replacing over 4,000 computers in 2013 alone, and we now have only a few hundred devices left to upgrade, replace or quarantine.

We are now down to a small number of machines running XP. Leading up to 8 April we will begin to disable the network access of all XP machines at the University, unless alternative arrangements have been made with IT zones.

We would be grateful for your support and understanding as teams focus on getting this done over the remaining few weeks.

Any staff, not already in contact with IT Services, using a computer running the XP operating system should contact the IT Service Desk, quoting locations and service tag/asset number, as soon as possible. 

If you are unsure if you are running XP simply visit this Microsoft website:

Advice for staff and research students with home PCs running Windows XP

In line with the University's policy on Mobile and Remote Working (PDF), it will no longer be permissible from April for staff or Research Postgraduates with personal computers running Windows XP (at work or home) to use those machines to access any University systems. All members (staff and students) are strongly advised to upgrade their Operating System from XP by April 2014.