Update - Problems with VoIP phone service should now be fixed


[16 October 2014]

Update 20 October: We believe that work over the weekend has fixed the software problems we have been seeing on the VoIP phones.

However, some phones may still be exhibiting symptoms and require a reboot. While efforts have been made to do this remotely and manually we are aware that not all phones have been rebooted. Rebooting a phone can be done by simply unplugging all the cables from the bottom of the phone and then putting them back. Please note that if you have more than one cable they all need to be removed for the reboot to take affect when the cables are reconnected.

 If you continue to have any problems please contact telephone-services@bristol.ac.uk.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and would like to thank staff  for their patience during this time.

We are currently seeing problems with VoIP phones where staff are randomly losing the service for a period of time, in some cases for an extended period. The phone informs the user that 'no telephony is possible'.

Telephone Services are working with the suppliers to identify the cause and implement a fix.

If any staff have this problem there is a work around using the One Number system (the web interface for the VoIP service). Using the web interface affected staff can select to send calls to another number, including a mobile. The phone selected is seen as using the VoIP number (eg, a person calling will not be able to see the mobile number).

Instruction on accessing the One Number system can be found on the VoIP web pages under the "Using your phone" tab and instructions to redirect calls to another phone are detailed under the "Stay connected - receive your calls away from your desk" section. 

Any problems or queries should be directed to telephone-services@bristol.ac.uk

IT Services apologises for the inconvenience this is causing,