New voicemail service


[28 September 2014]

Update 12:30, 22 September

Current situation

On 21st September the server running the existing voicemail service suffered a significant hardware failure. At present the voicemail service accessed via the extension 89973 (0117 92 89973) is not working.

This means that staff are unable to access their messages, and no new messages can be left (by persons calling a user that has voicemail).

We are currently removing centrally managed diverts to voicemail, where the called extension number would forward to voicemail, to ensure that calls are not being routed to a non reachable mailbox.

New voicemail system

Due to the significant damage to the current voicemail service it has been decided that we will transfer all current voicemail users to a new service, which we had planned to launch in the near future. This service is now active.

For information on how to access and set up your new voicemail visit:

If you have any problems connecting to the new service please contact


22 September: The University Voicemail service (accessed by calling 89973) is currently unavailable.

The problem was caused by server failure and the system was reported as unavailable from Sunday 21st September.

At present we have been unable to recover the service due to the extent of the hardware failure.

A new voicemail system is in development and it has been decided that we will move existing users of voicemail to that service.

At the current time we are unable to say if it will be possible to recover voicemail messages held on the old voicemail system.

Communication to existing voicemail users will go out this morning providing advice on how to access and use the new voicemail service.