Update, 24 April: Essential maintenance to Student MyFiles Service


[24 April 2014]

Update 13:00, 24 April: We have now processed somewhere around a quarter of a billion files for about 19,000 undergraduate students.  Work is taking place to check the copy of files in the new locations.

Due to the amount of work in moving undergraduate data it has not been possible to move Postgraduate students at this time.

Both staff and postgraduate students on the Student MyFiles service have access to all their data in the old location. However, it is still planned to move their MyFiles to new locations in the future. Communications will be sent to staff and postgraduates outlining future plans and providing notice of any changes.



Update 09:00, 23 April: All undergraduate students have now been moved to a new location for their MyFiles service. This means that student MyFiles are now spread over several storage locations to provide better performance and management of the service in the future.

There has been a delay in moving Postgraduate students to new locations but this should be completed today. All those affected by this work have been contacted and either informed of the delay or that their MyFiles is now available in a new location.

14:00, 15 April: Following recent problems with the Student MyFiles service work will be taking place over the Easter weekend to restructure the service to divide the storage over several locations to provide better performance and management of the service in the future.

We are timing this work, following advice from Schools, in order to try to minimise the disruption to students.

In the background, we have already begun to copy over student data to those new locations and just after midnight (UK time) on the morning of  Tuesday 22 April those students will be redirected to access your MyFiles in that new location.

Staff on the Student MyFiles service will be unaffected by this work but future activity will be taken to move their data into the Staff MyFiles service in the near future.

From midnight on Monday 21 April there will be a final synchronisation of data between the old and new locations so that by early on Tuesday 22 April all student data will be fully available. No data should be lost but it may take a while to catch up. Each student will be sent an email confirming that the work has finished.

All students affected by this work have been sent an email outlining the following steps:

  • Ensure that all work is saved by 11.30pm on Monday 21 April
  • Students will need to log off and back on after midnight to see the new MyFiles location.
  • Those who wish to continue working on a document at this time, or need access to other data in the Student MyFiles overnight, are advised to copy it to another location such as Google Drive (available to all students as part of UoB Google apps) before 11.30 pm on Monday 21 April.
  • Students should see most of their data after midnight on Monday but the most recent content will not be available until we have fully synchronised data.
  • Students are asked to wait until they receive a confirmation email on Tuesday 22 April that all data has been copied over before checking that data is complete
  • If students have not already logged off and back on  after midnight (UK time) on the morning of  Tuesday 22 April they will need to do so to access their MyFiles in the new location.
  • Students should email service-desk@bristol.ac.uk if they identify any problems with their MyFiles data after they receive the confirmation email that all data has been transferred.

Please note

Students should be aware that any files moved or deleted over the weekend, Saturday 19th - Monday 21 April at midnight, may reappear in their original location. If you have moved files they may also be in the new location but no data should be lost.

IT Services apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.