MyFiles problems - latest update 18th March


[14 March 2014]

Update 18 March 08:50 The MyFiles service was restarted last night and is available. However, although the work was necessary it will not have solved the underlying problem and we expect further difficulties today.

Update 17 March 20:15 As part of the emergency remedial work we are carrying out to the Staff MyFiles storage we will need to take the service offline later tonight.

From midnight tonight until 01:30 Tuesday morning the Staff MyFiles service will be unavailable whilst we carry out a disk check on the directory structure.

IT Services apologises for any inconvenience that this essential work might cause.

Update 15:02 We are working hard to fully restore the Staff MyFiles service (O Drive), but have had ongoing problems today. We are currently undertaking urgent remedial action.

At this point Staff MyFiles should be working for most people. However some people are receiving error messages when trying to save files.

If you are having problems:

  • If you have other appropriate filespace available, please save there. That might include Google Drive (available to all staff) and RDSF(available to research groups)
  • If you are working on your office computer you can save to local documents. This isn’t backed up, but will allow you to continue with your work.
  • If you are working on a PC in a teaching space, PC in a study space, or the remote desktop, files saved to Local Documents aren’t kept when you log out. So instead you can upload to local documents and then upload to Google Drive or attach document to an email and mail it to yourself.

We apologise for the great inconvenience this is causing you and are working as hard as we can on delivering a resilient filestore for your use.

NB: Student MyFiles is not affected by these problems.

Update 17 March 12:15: we have identified issues when terminating some standard maintenance processes that are contributing to the MyFiles problems. The filestore will be reconnected shortly and it is expected this will alleviate the situation.

Update 17 March 09:45: there are still problems with MyFiles storage with some users unable to save files. We are investigating and will provide updates here.

14 March: We are currently experiencing some severe ongoing problems affecting staff desktop & laptop PCs, and the MyFiles storage. Student MyFiles, and student PCs in study spaces, are unaffected

The latest severe instance of this was at 5pm on Friday 14th March, before that we last had a major problem at 10.30am on Friday 7th March.

The impact of this problem varies depending upon the PC and the applications in use. However typically people will see that it is very slow to load files from their MyFiles space. In turn this can cause some applications to become unresponsive - they may freeze for a period of 30s or more.

To address this we are urgently moving those people who are the heaviest users of MyFiles storage onto a separate partition in order to improve the performance of the main partition.

We also have a programme of work to update PC configurations across the whole university such that PCs are less affected by these issues. We are halfway through this programme, which will be completed by the end of March - details of the timetable are announced zone by zone.

We apologise for the current problems and obvious severe interruptions this is causing for staff.