Removal of Postini - 5 January, 2015

Email sign

[30 November 2014]

For some time the University has used a service called Postini as an additional layer of protection to filter spam email messages coming into the University for staff.

The service is coming to an end and will be closed on 5th January 2015.  The Google spam filtering is very good and it is unlikely that staff will see an increase of spam in their inbox.

However, if you do spot spam emails in your inbox please use the 'Report spam' option in Gmail. View the email in Gmail and you will see a button at the top with an exclamation mark in it. If you hover over it it says 'Report spam'. Click that button and the email will be marked as spam. As Google 'learns' this it will apply the rule across the University, helping to prevent similar messages getting through.  

Staff are reminded to be vigilant in regard to phishing emails. Spam emails that attempt to capture personal information such a usernames and passwords. Please refer to the advice on the Information Security website.

Sympa mailing lists

Sympa mailing list administrators are advised to check the List configuration Sending/reception options. Setting the Sending/reception option to public could result in increased spam messages being sent to the list. Where appropriate we would recommend setting the permissions to send to the mailing list to moderated or restricted to subscribers.