Resolved: University staff emails rejected, 11 February


[12 February 2014]

Update 10.40, 12 February: The blacklisting of Postini was removed on the afternoon of 11 February.

Update 12:30, 11 February: We have had confirmation that this is being dealt with by the providers. However, they need to request that the list services remove the blacklisting so we are unable to confirm when this will happen.

We have had reports that a third party service, Postini, used as part of our email service has been 'blacklisted' by some services used to filter emails for spam.

It is possible that staff emails may be rejected by some organisation using these filter services. Staff will receive a message, which may included information such as 'rejected by the relay'.

We have raised this with Postini to resolve as soon as possible.

Student email is not affected.

Reports indicate that Cardiff Metropolitan and UCL are using these filters.