New password reset self-service


[12 September 2014]

A new self-service password reset tool is available allowing staff and students to reset their password if they have forgotten it. This avoids the need for students and staff to visit the IT Service Desk.

At the start of each year, a number of students forget the password they set at registration and new staff also need to reset their password when they start at the University. This new service means that they no longer need to visit the IT Service desk but can do it online.

The reset uses the person's personal mobile number and email address stored in SITS or PIMS to allow the change. It is possible for all staff and students to use the service where this data is available.

If staff wish to ensure this service is available to them, they may need to get their information updated in PIMS. While it is possible to update your personal mobile number in Staff Info it is not possible to update your personal email through that service. To do this please contact your local administrative staff to request that your details are updated.