Update 4 April: Emergency maintenance work needed on Student MyFiles


[04 April 2014]

Update 09:40, 4 April: The change to revert Student MyFiles users back to the original location took place slightly later than planned at around 6.00pm last night. The most recent data was then copied over to that location from the mirror. Again, this took slightly longer than anticipated and completed around midnight. A second check was then initiated to match any changes between the mirror and the original which is still ongoing.

At this time the majority of users should have all their data available to them.

Known issues:

  • Deletions and files/folder moves done in the last two weeks to older data will be recovered from the mirror. If folders were moved this will still be in that place but a copy will also be in the original location. The mirror was based on a backup of the Student MyFiles data that was two weeks old. The last two weeks was copied over (excluding work done on 2 April prior to the move to the mirror, which remained in the original location). Due to the syncing work taking place any files not found in the original but are on the mirror will be copied over.
  • Desktop icons disappearing  - refreshing the page will recover desktop icons - press F5 to refresh.


Update, 15:00, 3 April: Currently users have access to a mirror of the Student MyFiles data. This includes recent data (files and folders accessed in the last two weeks at a minimum but excludes data created yesterday morning). Users are able to create and save to this location.

The original Student MyFiles is currently undergoing emergency maintenance which should be completed shortly. Following that we will add users most recent work (from the mirror) to this location so it contains a complete view of files.

At 5.30pm today we will revert access back to the original MyFiles location, which will include recently created material.

We strongly advise Student MyFiles users to save all work by 5.30pm and if possible close down programmes between 5.30pm and 5.45pm.

Please note that web browsers are not affected so you can still access email and updates on the IT status page or this news item.

We will be running a final check to ensure we have captured the most recent changes. It is possible that some users of the Student MyFiles may need to wait for recent work to be synchronised. This should be done quickly but please be patient. If data is still not showing by 7.30pm today please report it to the IT Service Desk - service-desk@bristol.ac.uk.

University staff are aware that this may be affecting students' ability to submit assessed work by existing deadlines and that that there will be a further message sent to students shortly. 


Update, 10:00, 3 April: Those on the Student MyFiles service should all have access to any recently accessed data (last two weeks at a minimum) and be able to create and save to their MyFiles.

If there is an urgent need to access any data not currently available please contact the IT Service Desk - service-desk@bristol.ac.uk.

The automated maintenance programmes are still taking place but it is hoped they will be completed later today. Once that work is completed there will be a period where data created yesterday is synced with the older data to provide a complete and up-to-date view of files.

An email will be sent out to Student MyFiles users prior to this work to provide details on when this will take place and information on this news item will be updated.


Following an incident with the Student MyFiles service (O: Drive) this morning, emergency maintenance work is needed to protect the integrity of the data.

This may mean that some students will not see all their data in MyFiles. Efforts are being made to ensure all recently accessed material is available.

It is anticipated that the automated maintenance programmes will be completed by late tomorrow morning and at that point all data in MyFiles will be accessible and up-to-date.

The performance of MyFiles may be slow while the work is taking place.

Updates on the progress of the work will be posted on this news item.

Students are advised to contact the IT Services Desk (service-desk@bristol.ac.uk) if they cannot find existing files and need urgent access to them.

IT Services apologises for any inconvenience students may encounter due to this work.