Network disruption on Monday 9 June


[02 June 2014]

Following a fire on 9 May in the data centre located in MVB the insurance company has ordered an investigation of those facilities which will take place on Monday 9 June.

As part of this work they need to look at servers and network components. Those components will need to be removed briefly for investigation. 

At this stage it is not possible to give an accurate list of affected services or the times they will be unavailable. In most cases any interruptions will be a matter of minutes. Affected services will include:

  • Work on the MVB network router at 9am will cause a break, up to 15 minutes, to all network traffic within and in/out of MVB, 81/83 & 93/95 Woodland Road. Please note that this will also affect services, including SAFE.This may cause short disturbances in Queens building due to network links.
  • Work on the central network router will cause a short interruption, 30 seconds, to the whole university network when turned back on.
  • A small risk of brief interruptions to the network firewall.
  • To remove a risk to the campus wireless, work is scheduled for early on 9 June before 8am.  This will cause a break in wireless service of 15 minutes for around half of wireless locations.

IT Services apologise for the inconvenience this work may cause.