Self service malware removal tool now available to staff


[15 December 2014]

The University uses Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection to prevent viruses and other malicious software (malware) from reaching your University Windows managed computer. This works reliably, but occasionally something will get through.

We now have access to a specialist tool, called Malwarebytes, that can remove malware that's managed to get on your computer.

Some indications that you have malware on your computer include:

  • Obtrusive / pop-up adverts
  • Toolbars that bring no value
  • Hijacking the home page / search engines
  • Programs that have no uninstall procedure

For more symptoms visit:

If you think your University Windows computer may have malware, you can use Malwarebytes yourself to detect and remove malware from your computer.

Instructions on running a Malwarebytes scan can be found at:

If you suspect you have malware on your computer we encourage you to use Malwarebytes to fix the problem. However, support is also available via the IT Service Desk.