Improving Apple Mac support for staff and students

[02 June 2014]

We are pleased to announce new Apple OS X support web pages aimed at helping Mac users.

IT Services has brought together Mac experts from a variety of teams within IT Services with the aim of improving ease-of-use, making integration with other University systems straightforward and generally improving the level of support we are able to offer.

The new online documentation is the first step. Following consultation with Mac users we plan to implement the following changes this summer:

  • Make it easier to print from Macs via University printers.
  • Make it easier to connect to required filestores and backup facilities.
  • Improve Mac set-up process so it is simpler, more configurable, easier to support and therefore faster.
  • Improve security on Mac computers, by investigating the possibility of automated updates, a centrally monitored anti-malware solution, ensuring laptop encryption, and developing a strategy for anti-theft measures (e.g. Find My Mac).
  • Where possible, simplify and speed-up the purchasing procedure.