Improvements to the performance of University managed laptops

Laptop 1

[18 September 2014]

In an effort to improve the experience of staff using University laptops, IT Services have made changes to the way laptops work which should noticeably improve their performance.

1. The first change speeds up the opening and copying of files in your personal folders (Desktop, Documents, etc.) when off campus and connected to the VPN (Junos Pulse).

2. The second improves start up and log in times, particularly when you are not on the University network.

To benefit from these changes please follow the steps below

  1. Bring your laptop into the University and turn it on in a location where you know that you have previously been able to get connected to the wireless network.
  2. Login to the laptop with your username and password.
  3. Check you are connected to the “Bristol-ManagedPCs” wireless network.
  4. While connected to the “Bristol-ManagedPCs” wireless network, restart the laptop. The process is now completed and the new settings applied.

bristol managed PC






We would very much appreciate your feedback on these changes, good or bad, by emailing

We are very keen to make the experience of laptop users as good as possible so if you have any other problems with your managed laptop please let us know.

Information on the set up of University managed laptops can be found at: