Update: Fix deployed for problems with Java update


[20 January 2014]

Update 24 January, 09:40: We are still getting reports of some staff still having problems with Java and access to certain applications. Any staff still having problems should contact the IT Service Desk.

Update, 21 January, 18:40: Security changes to the upgrade of Java has affected the CMS and EditOnPro. A fix has been implemented which we hope will resolve the problems in editing web content.

If you continue to see problems tomorrow please contact the IT Service Desk.

Update, 20 January: a fix has been deployed for this particular issue with Java. This was a problem with the installation of the Java upgrade to Version 7 update 51.

You can restart your computer to apply the fix or at the end of the day log out and leave your computer on to receive the update overnight.

If this does not fix the problem with Java please inform the IT Services Desk.

We have identified a problem with the installation of the latest version of Java.

This is affecting some but not all staff. In most cases Java cannot be accessed / found. We are currently investigating a way to remove the broken elements of Java and install a new complete version.

The inability to access Java will impact access to services that need Java to run. Examples of where the problem has been identified includes:

  • Access to edit web content using EditOnPro
  • Access to Oracle Applications and other services
  • The ability to print from Aleph
  • Third party software e.g Wuala

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing.