University Mulberry to be removed on 30 March 2014

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[29 January 2014]

The University’s IMSP server will be switched off on 30 March 2014 (please note that the original advertised date for this was 31 March). The IMSP server hosts your ‘Mulberry Profile’ settings which enables you to log into Mulberry and have it automatically populate your personal settings including contacts.

The switch off of IMSP will remove your ability to use your existing Mulberry client.

This will affect you if you are using your University configured Mulberry client to:

  • access your UoB Gmail or other email accounts
  • access or store contacts in Mulberry
  • access or use shared mailboxes on the legacy email system
  • access local folders stored on your computer

No emails are stored on the IMSP server, so you will not lose any emails.

We are doing this because the University of Bristol no longer supports Mulberry email software as a standard service, as Mulberry has not been developed or updated since approximately 2007, so it’s security cannot be relied upon going forward.

All members of staff and students should now have a Google account which you can sign into using your University single sign on here:

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes please contact the IT Service Desk.