General timetables are now available


[22 September 2014]

Update 23 September, 9:00: We have identified the problem that affected General Timetables on Friday and applied a fix. The service is now available and was restarted at 5pm on 22 September.

On the evening of Friday 19 September  we encountered a problem with General Timetables.

Currently General Timetables are unavailable.  IT Services are investigating and working to recover the services as soon as possible.

General timetables include:

  • Programme of Study timetables - to view an overview of the teaching for your Programme of Study
  • Unit timetables - to view a particular Unit timetable that you are taking/considering taking.
  • Open Unit timetables - to view a list of Open Units and look at their timetables to see if it possible for you to take the unit. 

Please note that Personalised Timetables are available.

IT Services apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.