Clarification of available filestore for staff and students


[04 April 2014]

Following the recent MyFiles problems it has come to light that many staff and students are unaware of the range of filestore available and what they should be used for. 

As regards the MyFiles services please note additional work will be needed to further improve and sustain filestore provision. This will include additional back-end infrastructure, as well as policies to ensure people are storing data appropriately.

A reminder of the University’s four main storage services:

Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF)

The RDSF is for research data only. It is meant for long term research data storage and access of up to 20 years - where researchers keep their “life’s work”. 5 TB of data is available free of charge for each PI, with more available for a charge. We strongly encourage research groups who have not taken advantage of this facility to do so.

Central file store

The Central File Store (known locally as H drive in most of Professional Services but has other letters elsewhere) is intended for business data which underpins the operation of the University. A share on the central filestore can be created for each school, division, or project on request. Files are typically shared within a group, and remain available for the group when individuals leave the organisation or change role.


MyFiles is, as the name suggests, for individual data. It is intended for people to keep their immediate working data which they don’t need to share with others. It is not intended for personally-owned data - movies, music, etc. On most computers files created on the Desktop or in the My Documents folders are actually stored on MyFiles, to ensure they are backed up. Files are deleted after an individual leaves the organisation.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a collaborative file storage, for easy access and sharing over the web. It is good for the quick creation of documents and to collaborate in real time with colleagues. You can upload files to Google Drive, share with people inside and outside the University and send large files.

For further information on these four file storage services please see