Email maintenance on 25 March, 6-7pm

Email sign

[19 March 2014]

Due to essential maintenance to the email system aspects of the email service should be considered at risk between 18:00 and 19:00 on 25 March.

There is a potential risk, although very slight,  that during this period that emails for addresses may be delayed or lost in the following scenarios:

  • from anywhere to UoB students
  • from anywhere to UoB Sympa mailing lists
  • from anywhere to UoB legacy mailboxes (on staff/student IMAP servers)

The following will not be affected:

  • Email from anywhere to valid UoB staff or delegate Gmail accounts
  • Emails between valid UoB staff and/or UoB delegate Gmail accounts
  • Emails to valid addresses

For a short period during this time (15-25 minutes) emails for non-existent and addresses will be rejected with a "message looped too many times" error, rather than "account does not exist".

For a very short period during this time (5-10 seconds) it may not be possible to send emails using clients other than the Gmail web interface, or from automated systems. 

IT Services apologises for any inconvenience this work may cause.