Upgrade to the wireless network, 4 March 8-9am


[19 February 2014]

There are over 20,000 simultaneous devices connecting on eduroam at peak times at the University.

To accommodate this, and in anticipation of even more, we need to extend the amount of address space available.

We plan to do this work on 4 March, between 8am-9am.  During this period it is possible that anyone with an existing connection to the eduroam service will lose their connection. The break in connection will depend on your device. Some devices will handle the move with minimal disruption, but some devices may take a while to pick up the change. Disconnecting from eduroam and then reconnecting will speed things up in most cases. 

This work will only affect University of Bristol users, on-site at Bristol (Bristol users offsite at other institutions, or visitors from other universities to Bristol will not be affected).

IT Services apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.