Dell appointed new hardware supplier

Laptop 1

[16 December 2014]

We are pleased to announce that, from January 2015, we will be working in partnership with Dell as our main supplier of desktops, laptops and tablets.

Dell went through a competitive process and scored highly in all areas. Both with IT Services and members of the Research IT Executive who reviewed bids and attended presentations.

We want to acknowledge many productive years working with Viglen. However, it was clear that Dell offered clear advantages in terms of price, product range and support. In particular, Dell's advantage in logistics and range of delivery options was very attractive.

We believe we can work well with Dell on a process of continuous improvement to:

  • shorten the order to delivery process
  • reduce component failures and ensure rapid fix when required
  • have available a better range of product options
  • provide better advice and price on specialist equipment

Dell offer an excellent TechSupport web tool by which we can diagnose faults and arrange next-day on site engineer support from a team of 50+ Dell engineers based in Bristol.