Support issues for staff testing Beta software

downloading screen

[25 July 2014]

The public beta release of the Apple OSX Yosemite on 24 July has raised an issue about support available to staff who want to ‘give it a try’.

As you can appreciate the focus of IT Services is supporting tools and software that are ‘the standard’ current versions in general use.

We appreciate that those testing beta software are probably more than capable of protecting themselves from any problems but we thought it useful to remind staff that such beta versions are not tested to work with University systems, and we are not geared up to rescue systems that break as a result of upgrading.

Our Mac support staff advice is not to upgrade your main Mac to Yosemite at this time.

Once Yosemite is in full release IT Services will be in a position to provide support.

Please visit our new Mac Advice Support Pages