Maple v15 software licensing change

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[20 August 2014]

Maple V.15 Licensing Change

The University's license for Maple version 15 has just been renewed and the existing network license needs to be replaced by the end of this month.

The terms of of our licence agreement changed in 2011 to allow us usage of the latest version and two previous versions. This is the first year when that change will have an impact.

From 21 August any copies of Maple 15 using the network license will stop working.

Maple have supplied us with a stand-alone license code to allow existing installations on University owned equipment to continue to work until 30 September 2015. Users of version 15 are strongly encouraged to upgrade at their earliest convenience.

Network licensed copies of versions 16 and 17 will continue to run and version 18 will become available shortly.

From the end of the month, "Stand-alone" installations of Maple 16 and 17 will need to be re-activated.

Updated license codes can be supplied by your local IT team please contact the IT Service Desk to make a request.

Students with personally owned copies of version 15 can upgrade for free and should contact the Service Desk for further information.