Meet the team

Team members by surname. School specialists alone are here


Name Role
Bob Berrow Zone Team Leader
Duncan Baldwin Deputy Team Leader, Senior Subject Specialist, Web Services Advisor
Chris Tothill Deputy Team Leader, Senior Subject Specialist (Computational Chemistry)
Katrina Coulton Subject Specialist
Ruth Dawson IT Support Officer
David Gardner Senior Subject Specialist (Linux Systems), Scientific Computing Advisor
Matt Harper Senior IT Support Technician
Neil Laws Support Specialist
Andrew Lester IT Support Officer
Winnie Lacesso Subject Specialist (Linux Systems), Particle Physics Specialist, Scientific Computing Advisor
Matthew McIntosh Subject Specialist
Rhys Morris Senior Subject Specialist (Linux Systems), Astrophysics Specialist, Scientific Computing Advisor
Andy Skuse Senior IT Support Technician
Julie Steen Subject Specialist
Tom Stutt Senior IT Support Technician
Kayleigh Young IT Support Technician
Vacant Role IT Support Officer

Subject Specialists, IT Reps* and Facilities Managers

School IT Specialist School IT Rep Facilities Manager
Chemistry Neil Laws Dr. Colin Western Peter Walker
Earth Science Dr James Wookey Darren Buss
Geographical Sciences Mr Ed Thomas Darren Buss
Graduate School of Education Katrina Coulton Luke Calder
Law Katrina Coulton Mr Andrew Charlesworth Luke Calder

Life Sciences

Julie Steen Prof. Mark Beaumont Luke Calder/

David Tonkin

Mathematics Matthew McIntosh Dr Marton Balazs John Hammond
Physics Duncan Baldwin Dr Henning Flaecher David Tonkin

*School IT Representatives are appointed by the School to act as a conduit between the School and IT Services. Typically they will meet regularly with their School Subject Specialists, email information about IT developments to the School, intercede over particular issues raised by users and discuss new developments so that opportunities can be maximised. They sit on the Faculty IT Committee and may convene formal Computer User committees or informal School meetings over IT matters.

Please report malfunctions and raise IT service requests with the campus IT Services Service Desk. Your request will get routed to us. We will be in touch shortly.