Using self service to report a query

You can use self service to keep track of your incidents. This page shows you how to add a new incident.

Icon of Self Service forms

a) Self service forms

We have created some forms for standard incidents such as lost devices, computer purchases and Elevated User Rights. These guide you through the information we need to process your request and send it directly to the team responsible for processing it.

Please note access to seld-service forms is restricted to the University network.

b) New incident form


New requests
  • For any other request or incident, click on "New Incident" from the IT Services homepage or from within selfservicedesk.
  • It will prompt you to login with your normal UOB username and password if necessary.
  • It should then take you to the screen below.

Icon of Self Service

A. The incident number. Please reference this number whenever you contact us about the query.

B. Your contact details. If these are incorrect, please change them in the ticket - but you might also wish to check that your details are correct in the Contact Directory.

1. Type of Incident will normally be Malfunction (you can’t do something you should) or Service Request (you would like IT Services to do something).

2. Object ID is the IT Services tag number.  This is a red, barcoded sticker that should be found on all University hardware and should be included for any software or hardware query. We use to tie records to particular hardware and to obtain useful information about it.

IT tag

3. Brief Description will be the subject line of all emails we send you - so it should be meaningful to you.

4. Request:  please include as many details about the incident or request as you can. See Help us to help you.

5. Service Provider:  Self Service also works for services run by other University teams.  Use this box to refer queries to:

  • ESU Education Support (includes Key Information Sets)
  • ESU Technology Enhanced Learning (includes Blackboard and other elearning tools)
  • Finance Services (includes Proactis)
  • Learning Facilities Management
  • Student Systems Services
  • Timetabling Office

6. Additional information about the caller: please add as appropriate.

7. When you are done, click the Register button (found at both the top and bottom of the page).

Screenshot of register and cancel buttons