Print Release

Print Release is an easy way to send documents to print and then collect them at a time of your choosing from a Canon printer/photocopier.

How Print Release works

Documents sent to the Print Release queues will not immediately print out but are stored for up to 16 hours, during which time they can be ‘released’ from any Print Release enabled printer/copier ('MFDs'). Choose a convenient printer to collect your documents from, login to it using your UCard and decide which documents to print. If a printer is out of service then simply find another and collect it from that.

How to send documents to printers

With Print Release there are two print queues, one for colour documents and one for black and white. Simply choose the queue depending on what you whether you want colour prints or not. The "input" print queues used for Print Release are called:

Print_Release_B&W                   { \\\Print_Release_B&W  }
Print_Release_Colour                 { \\\Print_Release_Colour  }  

These are already mapped on Open access computers but it is also possible to add them to your own laptop or mobile device and print wirelessly. 

  • Once you have sent the document to the appropriate queue it will be stored for up to 16 hours to let you go to a printer to release it. If you do not print it within that period then it will be removed from the queue and you will need to re-print it. You will not be charged for printing until it has been released from the printer.
  • If a printer is broken or out of service, then you can simply find another one and login and print from that.  You do not need to print your document again.
  • Colour prints can only be collected from colour printers, if you attempt to release a colour document from a black and white printer then it will print in black and white and you will be charged at black and white prices.
  • If you want to print at A3 or single-sided then you need to choose those options from the printer properties menu on your computer.
  • Print Release is not currently supported when using "Metro" style apps within Windows 8 & 8.1, i.e the default Mail, PDF Reader, IE10 apps. You can use Print Release from any desktop app though, i.e Microsoft Office, Chrome etc.
  • Print Release only supports the following paper sizes: A3, A4, A5, Letter. Attempting to use other paper sizes will result in an error on the Printer that has to be cleared manually and will delay other user's print jobs.
  • If you are printing while connected to University wifi then you need to be connected to eduroam with the correct username, in the format This is particularly important for Windows 10 users, it won't print if you used Read the connection instructions and setup eduroam again, if you are unsure about which username you used.

How to collect printouts

Print Release

Once you have sent your document from your computer to one of the Print Release queues then you will need to find an appropriate Canon printer to release it from. Canon printer/copiers are available in libraries, university-managed residences and many other study spaces, look for the red 'Print Release' signs.

Login to a Canon printer either by placing your UCard onto a reader or by typing your UOB username and password at the printer logon screen. You will then see the following screen; select the “Print” button:  You can scan or photocopy if you choose the "Scan/Copy" button.

This will bring up the Print Release menu. Here you can see the documents that you have sent to the Print Release queues.

Note colour/black & white, page format, number of pages in the documents, number of copies requested by you and the total cost for that printout. Touch individual documents to select them or choose "Select All" to print everything in the list, then press "Print+Delete". Those documents will then print, be removed from the queue and you will be charged accordingly. You can also delete one or more printouts by selecting them and using the "Delete" button.

For security, select the "Logout" button once you have printed. If you do not do this then you will remain logged in and others would be able to release your document or photocopy using your print credits.

How to collect printouts from Canon 1028i devices

The Canon 1028i devices work in a slighty different way to the larger devices. They are currently located in the Life Sciences building and in Chemistry, room W414.

If the screen is off, press the power button on the side of the screen.

Login into the device by touching your Ucard to the card reader.

Scroll down to "Print My Jobs" using the scroll wheel or arrows, press OK to select.

Select the printout you would like to release by pressing OK on that document. You can choose to release multiple printouts by selecting them in the same manner. Once you have selected the document(s) you wish to release, press the "Print" button.

For security, select the "Logout" button once you have printed. If you do not do this then you will remain logged in and others would be able to release your document or photocopy using your print credits.