Print from your own device (Print Release)


University Apple Mac computers

All UoB macOS devices should have print release already installed. If you are a user of a UoB macOS device, more information on this is available here.

Windows computers

You need to be on a University network to install Print Release (e.g. eduroam).

If you are off-site please ensure you connect to the VPN.

  1. Please paste the following address into your Start Menu search bar:
  2. You should see a page with a lot of printers listed. Find the appropriate printer (see below).
  3. Right-click on the printer > Connect
  4. You should now be able to use this queue for printing.

Choose the appropriate printer(s) from the list below.

Windows 7 or 8 (taught student) Windows 7 or 8 (staff & PGR) Windows 10 (any)
Black and white queue \\\Print_Release_B&W \\\Print_Release_B&W_Staff \\\Print_Release_B&W_Win10
Colour queue \\\Print_Release_Colour \\\Print_Release_Colour_Staff \\\Print_Release_Colour_Win10

Personally owned macOS computers

Note for taught students: most personal Mac computers are charged at colour rates for print release, whichever queue they use. We are unable to find a solution at the current time and recommend that student Mac users print from University computers to avoid this cost. Print via email is available for occasional use.

Note for all users: you will need to choose whether to print in Black and White or Colour at the time you are sending your document to the printer. For example, you will need to specify your colour settings via an application such as Preview or Microsoft Word after selecting File > Print...

A. Note printer queue name

The Print Release queue names are as follows. These are used in the URL field when you add a printer (see below).

  • smb://

B. Obtain the correct software (drivers) for your printer

Note: Canon do not typically release compatible software in tandem with new versions of macOS. Therefore, when you upgrade to a new version of macOS, you may need to repeat this step.

C. Add the printer to your Mac

These instructions work for macOS 10.7 (Lion) and newer. IT Services do not support older versions of OS X. See Upgrading for further details.

  1. Ensure your Mac is fully up to date. To do so:
    • Apple Menu > About This Mac > Software Update...
    • Repeat this process until there are no remaining updates to be installed.
  2. Open System Preferences
  3. Click on Printers & Scanners
  4. Click the + button to add a new printer
  5. The first time you do this, you need to add the Advanced button to the Printers & Scanners window. To do so:
    • Hold the Ctrl key and Left click on the toolbar, next to the Windows icon.
    • Select Customize Toolbar...
    • Drag the Advanced button into the toolbar.
    • Click Done
  6. You're now ready to add the printer. To do so:
    • Click Advanced
    • Type: Windows printer via spoolss
    • Device: Another Device
    • URL: smb://
    • Name: UoB Print Release
    • Location: UoB
    • Use: Select Software...
  7. You will be presented with a list of drivers for Canon printers. You should locate the driver that corresponds to the model of Canon printer that you are most likely to be using. Generally, this is most likely to be:
    • Canon iR-ADV C5235-5240 PS
    • Click OK
  8. Click the Add button to save this printer.
  9. You will be presented with printer customisation options. It is advisable to select duplexing to enable 2-sided printing.

D. Authenticate

You will be prompted to authenticate when you first print to the UoB Print Release system.

  • Make sure to use your University username and password, which may not be the same as your Mac's computer account username.
  • Prefix your username with uob\ (e.g. uob\ab12345)
  • See this example:
  • Note: We recommend that you don't tick the "Remember this password in my keychain" box until you have verified that your username and password work.
  • If you have entered the incorrect credentials, or change your UoB password, and have previously ticked the "keychain" box, you will need to modify your personal Keychain. To do so:
    • Browse to Finder > Utilities > Keychain Access.
    • Click on "Passwords", and find the entry with the name of the printer. Right-click on it, and delete it.

Linux computers (Ubuntu)

Please note: these instructions are general guidance only. Your experience will differ depending on the version of Linux you are using

  • Open System Settings (you can access this via the "Toolkit" icon in the Launcher, or via the "Cog" icon in the top right of the screen).
    > Printers > Add
  • Click the arrow next to Network Printer to open a drop down list of device options
  • Select LPD/LPR Host or Printer
  • In the Location of the LPD network printer section on the right of the window, enter the following information:
    • Host - [username] (e.g.
    • Queue: Print_Release_B&W or Print_Release_Colour
    • Click Forward
  • Choose Driver:
    Note: for Black & White you can choose Generic > Postscript > Generic PostScript Foomatic/PostScript[en](recommended)
    • Select printer from database
    • Makes > Select name of device manufacturer, e.g. Canon
    • Forward
    • Models > Locate and select model of printer, e.g. Image Runner C5235 > Select "recommended driver"
    • Forward
  • Describe Printer
    • Printer Name: Use queue name of printer e.g. MVB3.19-C2
    • Description: Use model name of printer e.g. Canon ImageRunner Advance C5235
    • Location: Location of printer e.g. MVB 3rd Floor Corridor
    • Apply