Departmental Filestore

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you need assistance or want to have new space allocated on the Departmental Filestore System.

What is happening to Filestore?

Improvements are taking place to improve the way the University deals with data and we are moving to an integrated suite of tools and operating systems as part of Digital Bristol, including the use of SharePoint from Office 365.     Our longer aim is to present data to users in one place, with far less complication in permissions, drive letters and locations.   

We currently provide a resilient Departmental Filestore Service, which can hold large amounts of departmental files - for example, for teaching materials and administrative data.   You can see most of the already allocated areas  from \\\filestore

We don't encourage the use of local servers in departments to hold information and files.  If you need to store information, this is often best placed on a centrally provided service.

Filestore service - allocation & organisation

All departments should aim to store the majority of their Non-Research data (Administrative, shared, resource data etc) on the Central Filestore Services.

How should I access the main University Filestore?

The top level of the new Filestore can be reached from:   \\\filestore

From this path you will see only the folders and data storage areas that you have access to.  

How can we get space on the University Filestore?

Make you request via the IT Service Desk.   We will normally provide 2TB volume space for a given use.  It is possible to have more than one 2TB volume logically presented under a Filestore link - i.e.  \\\Department\School  or \\\SupportService\Team.   We will discuss individual requests to ascertain the best way forward.

How do I request permission to access a filestore?

The simplest way to request access is to use the self service file permission request form. Alternatively, you can contact the IT Service Desk.

Guidelines for Data Storage on the ADS Filestore

As far as possible no individual user folders should be created within the wider Filestore. All users have their own personal storage areas and departmental filestores are for information that needs to be shared or retained.  Further information regarding best practice for data and folder structure organisation can be obtained from IT Services.  See the guidance on available filestore options.