Off-site Proxy

Some resources (for example quite a few eJournals and some UoB web pages) require that your computer is on the University network in order to validate your right to access that resource.

The off-site proxy makes your computer appear to be on the University of Bristol network when it's not, e.g. when you’re working from home or using a laptop in a cafe.

Setting up the Offsite Proxy

Setting up the offsite proxy service on your machine is straight forward.  Just follow the steps below:

NB.  If you have previously set up a version of offsite proxy on your machine it may be an outdated version and you will need to remove it before going any further.  To remove a previous version see the Remove the proxy page. This will also be necessary if you leave the University, as you will no longer have access through the proxy once you have left.

Step 1. Get access to the proxy server

To gain access to the proxy server just enter your UoB login and password on the Proxy authentication page 

You should enter your login in the following format "ab12345" and not "uob/ab12345"

NB. You will need to repeat this process if you ever change your password.

Step 2. Configure your browser of choice

The off-site proxy service should work with all mainstream browsers

If you are on a Windows machine and using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox simply use our automatic configuration tool.

Save the file to your computer, then close your browser and run the file to set the proxy up.

If the automated tool doesn't work then follow our simple manual set-up instructions in the Set up new proxy tab.

NB. The automatic and manual methods will only configure your browser for the currently logged in user. If you log into your computer using another user account and wish to use the proxy then you will need to configure it in that account. This is of particular note where two people use the same computer with different user accounts.

Want to make sure it's working?

When off campus you can simply check the proxy setup page to make sure that your proxy setting is working as it should.