Children in the Computer Centre


As required by Council, Information Services (based in the Computer Centre) has formulated the following policy for the protection of children on its premises.  This policy is to be adhered to by all students, members of staff and visitors to the Centre.


Children are only allowed in the public corridors and waiting areas, individual staff offices and staff common rooms / toilets.

Children are not allowed in any other areas or rooms in the Computer Centre (including not being allowed in the open-access computer rooms). Any student or member of staff bringing children into these areas will be committing a disciplinary offence.

Children may only enter the building during normal working hours. Students, members of staff and visitors should inform the Head of Department (or on-duty manager) when they intend to bring children onto the premises, and must exercise close supervision of the children at all times when they are on the Department premises.

Special arrangements will be made for supervision of school parties and other organised groups.  The Head of Department must be notified well in advance of any such proposed visit in order for those arrangements to be put in hand.


Agreed 16/02/2007.