Knowledge transfer

Leads: Profs Jenny Donovan, Jeremy Tavare and Lars Sundstrom

Knowledge transfer is embedded throughout the IEU's mission and strategy.

The Unit’s methodological developments and innovations are leading to the identification of valid causal inferences that will in turn enable the development of interventions of major public health importance to be tested in RCTs, the formulation of rigorous evidence-based public health policy and guidelines (where RCTs are not feasible), and the establishment of strategic academic, clinical and industry partnerships to exploit findings about disease pathways, biomarkers and targets.

Each of the IEU's programme leads has identified pathways for appropriate transfer of knowledge from their research over the medium and long term. By integrating molecular, cellular, clinical and population data, IEU is optimising the identification of causal associations between potentially modifiable exposures and health outcomes, and will enable the accelerated development of interventions in the short- and long-term to address issues of major public health relevance to the UK and global health agenda.

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