Mendelian randomization

Work package 1: Causal effects of exposures and phenotypes.

Leads: Dr Sarah Lewis, Professor Richard Martin

Focusing on testing and estimating causal effects of potentially modifiable exposures and phenotypes (the physical appearance resulting from inherited information) with cancer risk, Work package 1 is analysing large data sets from international consortia, drawing information from populations.

Through methods such as Mendelian randomization, pioneered at the University of Bristol, the team are taking an innovative approach to this data analysis, with the aim of determining causality more accurately and efficiently.

Future plans for Work package 1 are to test genetic instruments against detailed phenotypic, genome-wide DNA methylation and metabolomic data to define intermediate causal pathways in cancer potentially amenable to intervention, and to assess pleiotropy.  

In this group

  • Prof Richard Martin
  • Dr Sarah Lewis
  • Prof George Davey Smith
  • Dr Mattias Johansson
  • Prof Kenneth Muir
  • Dr Artitaya Lophatananon
  • Dr Philip Haycock
  • Dr Robert Carreras Torres
  • Dr Carolina Bonilla
  • James Yarmolinsky

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