New grants secured with ICEP members as principal or co-investigators:

Awarded in 2017

  • Prof Richard Martin, Cancer Research UK
    "Prostate cancer screening and treatment of localised disease: implications of recent and emerging trial results for practice and policy in the UK and internationally" (Jan 2017 – Mar 2017)
  • Dr Tom Gaunt and Prof George Davey Smith, GlaxoSmithKline
    "Development and application of MR-Base" (Mar 2017 – Feb 2020)
  • Prof John Iredale (Prof Richard Martin leading the Cancer Workstream), National Institute for Health Research
    "NIHR Bristol Biomedical Research Centre" (Apr 2017 – Mar 2022)
  • Prof Richard Martin, Cancer Research UK
    "Evaluating the long-term effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of population-based screening and treatment for prostate cancer: the CAP and ProtecT RCTs" (Aug 2017 – Dec 2022)

 Awarded in 2016

  • Dr Sarah Lewis, World Cancer Research Fund International
    “Exploitation of molecular and mechanistic data to identify modifiable factors which cause prostate cancer incidence and progression and elucidate their mechanism of action” (Mar 2016 – Mar 2019)
  • Dr Suzanne Gage and Dr Rebecca Richmond, Cancer Research UK 
    “DNA methylation in e-cigarette users versus cigarette smokers and never-smokers” (Sept 2016 – Feb 2019)
  • Prof Nic Timpson, Wellcome Trust Investigator Award in Science
     “What lies behind the causal impact of body mass index (BMI) level and change on human health? Added value from complementary study design and deep metabolomic phenotyping” (Sept 2016 – Aug 2019)

Awarded in 2015

  • Prof Paul Brennan, International Agency for Research on Cancer, National Institute of Health 
    “Biomarkers of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and risk of two increasing cancers” (Jan 2015 – Aug 2019)
  • Prof Julian Higgins, Medical Research Council 
    “Assessing risk of bias in non-randomized studies of interventions” (Dec 2015 – Feb 2018)


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