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2 October 2019

On Friday 27 September, three ICEP researchers – Dr Nabila Kazmi, Dr Caroline Bull and Dr Kimberley Burrows – joined others to discusss their research with around 300 Bristol school students at FUTURES, a Europe-wide celebration of research that takes place in 250 cities across Europe.

The students enjoyed using variables to generate possible future research questions, and loved playing the wheel of fortune to discover the role of nature, nurture and chance in disease. Students contributed data about their tongue-rolling skills, as well as bitter-taste test results, to experience for themselves the importance of sample size in epidemiological cancer research.

ICEP – including Principle Investigator Professor Richard Martin – returned for more on Saturday night. Amongst the exhibits at We The Curious we enjoyed conversations with around 200 adults on correlation, cause and confounders in cancer research.

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