Impact and engagement

We aim to ensure that the knowledge generated by our research has a positive and far-reaching impact.

In addition to publications and conference presentations we engage with the media and work in collaboration with our funder, CRUK, to disseminate our research outputs as widely as possible. We have had media coverage including our ICEP launch event appearing on BBC Points West and an article in The Guardian.

Our academics and researchers have participated in various CRUK events, including Cirencester Relay for Life, CRUK Lab Tours and CRUK Bristol Pretty Muddy.

Dr Kaitlin Wade was recently awarded Cancer Research UK's 2017 Research Engagement Award in the Rising Star category - read more about this here.

Latest news from the Integrative Cancer Epidemiology Programme.

Dr Kaitlin Wade at IEU installation 'Data Mine' at Einstein's Garden
ICEP team doing the Bristol Pretty Muddy 5K run for Cancer Research UK
ICEP team doing Bristol Pretty Muddy 5K run for Cancer Research UK
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