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Green Man Festival success

Big chromosome at Green Man 2019

Giant chromosome at Green Man

22 August 2019

Last week, twelve MRC IEU researchers – including members of ICEP – braved the mud to discuss research with festival-goers in Einstein’s Garden at the Green Man Festival in Wales.

Over four days, more than 300 people visited our stand. Here 215 children (and a few adults) decorated jean genes with illustrations of traits to adorn our giant squashy chromosomes. Others discussed environmental and genetic risk factors – as well as the role of luck – through tense games on the wheel of fortune.

There were also opportunities to consider epidemiological methods. Our Parallel Coordinates board was a chance for people to show off some elaborate feats of tongue-folding whilst learning about the determination of optimal sample size, and in separate activities festival-goers enjoyed discussions with researchers about confounding factors. Finally, our Question Generator enabled members of the public to create their own scientific questions based on just 40 of the 74,000 Children of the 90s variables. Of the approximately 2 × 1046 possibilities, around 70 questions were created and animatedly discussed.

Some festival-goers stayed with us for an hour, and several returned more than once. They enjoyed meeting IEU and ICEP researchers, and told us we had done a good job in challenging stereotypes. 

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