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Taking IEU research to the public

2 October 2019

On Friday 27 September, thirteen MRC IEU researchers discusssed their research with around 300 school students aged 9-14 on the joint MRC IEU-ALSPAC (Avon Longitudinal Study on Parents and Children) stand at FUTURES.

Researchers and children alike enjoyed generating research questions using 40 of ALSPAC’s thousands of variables, as well as playing the wheel of fortune to discover the role of nature, nurture and chance in disease.

School students also contributed data about their tongue-rolling skills, as well as bitter-taste test results, to experience for themselves the importance of sample size in epidemiological cancer research.

On Saturday night, six researchers returned for more. Amongst the exhibits at We The Curious (formerly At-Bristol) they enjoyed fascinating conversations with around 200 adults on correlation, cause and confounders, and – of course – researchers’ findings.

Philippa  Gardom, Engagement and Communications Associate at the IEU, said, “It was brilliant to speak to so many interested people. Huge thanks to the researchers who tirelessly shared their expertise – and made it so much fun for all concerned.”

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